RNR native token on Cardano blockchain

Rock-n-Roll token is the utility token for perks and services provided by Staking Rocks! [PHRCK] community stake pool.

If you are a delegator to PHRCK stake pool, you also earn RNR tokens on top of your ADA staking rewards.


What the heck is $RNR and what is it good for?

We are working on useful apps that will soon be running on the Cardano blockchain. These are software that will be provided by PHRCK as services to the Cardano community. RNR will be the token required to access these services.

One of these is already live - our multi-asset bulk sender. And in the works right now are our NFT minting tool and an actual automated marketplace!

Soon, RNR holders will also be entitled to a proportionate share of additional rewards that PHRCK will provide to its delegators. Think of shares of stock in a company that are entitled to dividends!


How to get $RNR

As of right now, RNR is not yet publicly available on any exchange. The project is still in the very early stages of development. The only ways to get RNR as early as right now are through the following:

  • Staking rewards - by delegating to PHRCK.
  • Early giveaways for participating in our social media campaigns.
More Details

Use cases for $RNR

RNR will have 2 main utilities. Both of which are geared towards providing more value and greater return on capital for the members of our community.

  • Direct payment for services provided by PHRCK.
  • Entitlement to additional rewards both in ADA and tokens from other projects which we have partnered with.
Details soon...

Other Projects and Extra Revenue Streams

Just by delegating to PHRCK, you already earn somewhere between 4% to 5% annual return on your staked ADA. And then we go even further by giving you a huge portion of our revenues from our other income-generating operations.


Umbrella Node

We are also running a validator node in the Umbrella network. Umbrella is a truly decentralized oracle service with low cost, massively scalable, and secure solutions for smart contracts on multiple chains.

World Mobile Node

World Mobile is the first decentralized telecom network run by the people and built on Cardano. We have already reserved an Earth Node that we will operate once they go live on mainnet.

ADA Unlocking

Tokens on Cardano require a min. amount of ADA to be locked up with them, even those with no value. We will soon buy up these worthless tokens for the staking value of their locked ADA.

Bulk Asset Sender

Our multi-asset bulk sender app for Cardano is already live and available for use. Soon, usage of the service will require payment in $RNR tokens.

NFT Minter

We will unveil our very own NFT minting tool soon. This will be a much easier and less costly way to publish your NFTs on Cardano.

Other Partnerships

We are always open to work with teams whose projects have real value but are not yet getting the attention they deserve.

Start earning RNR today by delegating to PHRCK stake pool.

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